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Currency Rates

Our exchange rates are updated every weekday between 11:00 and 12:00. Local deviations may occur in relation to the indicative currency list at the individual branch.

Country Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
EURO EUR 7.7499 7.3601
U.S.A USD 6.5999 6.0501
Storbritanien GBP 8.9129 8.0417
Sverige SEK 0.7584 0.6801
Norge NOK 0.7559 0.6645
Schweiz CHF 7.0499 6.0795
Polen PLN 1.7221 1.4362
Canada CAD 5.1759 4.4609
Australien AUD 5.1216 4.2387
Japan JPY 0.0607 0.0517
New Zealand NZD 4.8386 3.9700
Tjekkiet CZK 0.3071 0.2550
Ungarn HUF 0.0224 0.0176
Hong kong HKD 0.8614 0.6809
Singapore SGD 4.9999 4.0614
Thailand THB 0.2178 0.1719
Tyrkiet TRY 0.9542 0.7354
Saudi-Arabien SAR 1.8715 1.2453
Bulgarien BGN 4.0392 3.1858
Rusland RUB 0.0944 0.0628
Kroatien HRK 1.0472 0.8361
Sydafrika ZAR 0.4485 0.3445
Rumænien RON 1.7193 1.1439
Kina CNY 1.0335 0.8089
U.A.E AED 1.8687 1.4825


Please note that a fee of up to 30 KR. can be charged for currency exchange. If you have purchased currency at one of our branches, you can exchange back to the local currency completely free of charge, as long as you remember to bring the receipt from your purchase.

We use cash withdrawal terminals in our branches, through which there may be a card fee on certain MasterCards. You can advantageously avoid the card fee by paying with cash.

Rate Deviations

The exchange rates above are indicative as there may be differences in exchange rate branch wise.

You should also be aware that the exchange rates may be higher or lower during weekends and holidays, as there may be higher costs associated with opening these days. Weekend rates may occur from Friday afternoon to Monday morning (be aware of local time deviations).